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    The Puerto Rico Trial Advocacy Competition was founded in 2006, by law professor Carlos Concepción, with the assistance of then law students Margarita Mercado and Anibal Rosario. The competition strives to develop trial advocacy skill on students, while creating an environment of camaraderie and professionalism. The trial problem is written by experienced trial attorneys to simulate as best as possible a real-life case. Furthermore, competitors are evaluated by federal and local judges, federal prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, civil trial lawyers and litigation professors.



The Puerto Rico Trial Advocacy Competition (PRTAC) is hosted by the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law and its Trial Advocacy Association, and sponsored by the Puerto Rico Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, the Federal District Court for Puerto Rico and the the Federal Bankruptcy Court for Puerto Rico. The PRTAC is considered in the academia as one of the best trial advocacy competitions in the United States.


The competition will be held in the beautiful historic district of San Juan, Puerto Rico (Old San Juan), every Fall, by the month of October. Twelve law schools will be invited to try a criminal case, using the Federal Rules of Evidence, and at night will be invited to participate in social gatherings.


The winner of the competition will receive an automatic invitation for the ABA/JMLS Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition in Chicago, and the second place to the In Vino Competition, hosted by Golden Gate University in San Francisco.


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